Queens Night Market 2024: April 13th Comeback!

Queens Night Market

The highly anticipated Queens Night Market is gearing up for its ninth season, promising an even grander experience for food enthusiasts and small business hopefuls alike. Scheduled to kick off on April 13 at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, this year’s night market is poised to captivate attendees with an expanded footprint, earlier opening hours, and a variety of engaging events.


To address the growing demand and enhance the overall visitor experience, the organizers have decided to enlarge the market’s space, allowing more vendors to showcase their culinary creations. Opening an hour earlier at 4 p.m., the decision aims to mitigate long lines and provide vendors with the opportunity to generate higher volumes.


In an effort to manage traffic and address capacity concerns, limited tickets for exclusive “sneak preview” events on April 13 and April 20 will be available for purchase in March. This strategic move not only ensures a smoother flow of attendees but also adds an element of exclusivity to the night market experience.


Thanks to a sponsorship deal with Citizens Financial Group, the price caps on all food items will remain at an affordable $5/$6. This initiative, launched in 2015, has played a crucial role in democratizing access to the event. According to Queens Night Market founder John Wang, it now serves as a lifeline for many New Yorkers amidst the city’s rising cost of living.


The success story of the Queens Night Market continues to unfold, with 2023 marking a record-breaking year for vendor sales. Food vendors averaged over $2,500 in nightly sales, while art and merchandise vendors achieved an impressive average of almost $1,000 per night. These numbers highlight the market’s commitment to providing an affordable community space for both vendors and visitors.


Vendor applications for the 2024 Queens Night Market are now open, with over 200 submissions already received. Those interested in joining as vendors can sign up via the official website or direct inquiries to [email protected].


In a bid to support aspiring entrepreneurs, a series of small business seminars related to the Queens Night Market will be held at Queens Borough Hall. In partnership with the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Queens Economic Development Corporation, and Citizens Financial Group, these seminars cover various topics including business plans, branding, marketing, and technology. Translated materials and live translations will be available to ensure inclusivity.


Queens Borough President Donovan Richards expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m glad that the staple Queens Night Market will return for its ninth season, working with vendors from across the borough to not only serve our community delicious treats but also to help vendors with their business by providing seminars and networking opportunities.”


The success of the Queens Night Market extends beyond its culinary offerings. Through its first eight seasons, the event has attracted almost 3 million attendees, launching nearly 400 businesses in New York City. More than just a food extravaganza, the market serves as a platform for diverse communities to come together, fostering entrepreneurship and cultural exchange.


As the countdown to the ninth season begins, the Queens Night Market is set to once again tantalize taste buds and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. With its commitment to affordability, inclusivity, and community engagement, the night market continues to be a beacon of success in the bustling metropolis of New York City.



Source: QNS