Crafting Queens’ Legacy: Locals Invited to Shape Monopoly’s Borough Edition

Monopoly Board Game

Queens, get ready to make your mark on the classic board game Monopoly! In an unprecedented move, entertainment powerhouse Top Trumps USA is set to launch the Monopoly: Queens Edition this fall. What’s even more thrilling is that they are turning to the local community for input to ensure that the essence of this vibrant borough is authentically captured within the game.


Partnering with the esteemed toy company Hasbro, Top Trumps USA has embarked on a quest to create a board game that truly reflects the heart and soul of Queens. This collaborative endeavor invites well-established local businesses, organizations, and non-profits to nominate their favorite locations in the borough for inclusion in the new Monopoly edition.


The call for submissions is open until March 15th, providing an opportunity for Queens residents and businesses to showcase the places that hold deep significance for them. This level of community involvement is a testament to the commitment of Top Trumps USA and Hasbro in creating a game that resonates with the people who call Queens home.


Steeped in tradition since its inception in 1935, Monopoly has held a special place in the hearts of families across the globe. With over 1 billion players in 114 countries, the game has become a timeless classic, cherished for its ability to bring people together. The forthcoming Monopoly: Queens Edition will see the iconic squares from the original game replaced with beloved Queens landmarks, businesses, and non-profits, ensuring that the game is a celebration of the borough’s identity and culture.


This special edition will feature custom-designed Community Chest and Chance cards, Monopoly money, property deeds, and other elements that pay homage to the unique spirit of Queens. Tim Barney, a representative from Top Trumps, expressed the company’s desire to receive input from all corners of the Queens community, emphasizing the goal to accurately portray what locals and visitors cherish about the borough.


Rob MacKay, Director of Queens Tourism Council, highlighted the diverse and vibrant tapestry that defines Queens, noting its status as the most diverse county in the world. He underscored the borough’s exceptional offerings in terms of culture, recreation, entertainment, shopping, history, and more, affirming that Queens has a wealth of treasures to contribute to the Monopoly: Queens Edition.


To be a part of shaping the Monopoly: Queens Edition and to nominate your favorite spots in the borough, visit the Monopoly Queens submissions page. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the people of Queens to leave an indelible mark on a beloved classic, ensuring that the essence of their community is beautifully depicted in this special edition of Monopoly.


As the countdown to the release of Monopoly: Queens Edition begins, the enthusiasm and anticipation within the community continue to grow. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey, where the people of Queens play a vital role in steering the creation of a board game that encapsulates their pride, identity, and cherished locales.


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Source: QNS